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Everyday Swiss-Checkup offers you the best Swiss partners in medical fields such as screenings, checkups, diagnosis, treatments, genetics and research so you can benefit from the most modern and acute techniques.

Partner IncorporeSwiss AntiAge Label

Incorpore Medical Center

Our medical center is located in the heart of Geneva. In collaboration with the best specilaists in Geneva and Switzerland, we offer our patients the most advanced and high-tech opportunities in the field of medicine.

GVA Medical Solutions

GVA Medical Care is researching the possibilities of predictive analyses in order to set up real preventive treatments. This research is carried out in collaboration with DNA sequencing laboratories.

Swiss Anti Age Label

Experts to help you choose among care and treatments to slow down your aging. Researchers in collaboration with Doctors are analyzing your genetic heritage in search of listed pathologies

Revolutionary Medicine

Main Preventative Medicine’s objectives of a genetic analysis are to promote the health and well-being of an individual. This is made possible thanks to the ability to detect a susceptibility to a defined pathology earlier, which might result in the possible introduction or reinforcement of preventative measures and an improvement in the quality of life. Such information might not only benefit to the individual examined, but also help prevention in the future generation due to the inheritability of this genetic information.

A wide range of collaborators

Why ask for Incorpore

1. Experience in the medical field for over 14 years, highly qualified staff
2. Cooperation with the best doctors in Switzerland
3. Reliability
4. We work absolutely in all areas of medicine
5. We provide a full range of services for our patients. In addition to medical examinations and treatment, we provide specialized medical interpreters, hotel reservations, transfers, visa support, etc..
6. Efficiency in providing information and health programs
7. Medical support for patients after their stay in Switzerland
8. We speak 5 languages ​​(French, English, German, Russian, Italian). We have Russian-speaking staff
9. We have a representative office in Moscow
10. You can reach us easily, even on holidays and weekends, when all other offices are closed

Live better - Live longer

Treatment in Switzerland means  highly qualified doctors, excellent care, the most modern hospitals with excellent facilities and quality service. Not only the best clinics, but also the best doctors in the best clinics in Switzerland


Prevention and anti-age medicine

By optimizing lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress levels, detoxification and hormone replacement, this revolutionary medicine boosts your energy, your well-being, your happiness…


Pain treatment

The longer a pain lasts, the more it disrupts everyday life. Morale, sleep, appetite, work, leisure, relationships with others are disturbed. Knowing the consequences of pain on your activities helps to assess its importance in everyday life.

Medical check-ups

Our partner Incorpore offers a wide range of check-up going from complete screening to specified investigations in all the medical fields. In collaboration with experienced Swiss doctors we developed section …



The mouth is often perceived as a separate part of the human body. However, growing scientific evidence shows oral health is directly linked to overall health in many ways. Your mouth is a pathway to your body!

Treatments of the future


All pathologies linked to Age, and Age itself 

Advantages of Swiss-Checkup

  • Swiss Label Quality Control
  • Many languages spoken
  • 18 years experience
  • Working with the best 
  • Organized stays in Switzerland 
  • Management of exclusive and original offers
  • Research with DNA sequencing
  • Precursor of personalized preventive medicine

Our collaborators

The list is very long, you will find below only the most active ones

Nicolas Stucki & Marina Drozd

Founder and CEO Incorpore

Dr Jean-Pierre Jubin

Founder SAA and SCU

Dr Bruno Gauthier

Médecine dentaire et Bio-link


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What Our Clients are Saying

Un des endroits médicalisés le plus convivial, avec une approche vers la médecine préventive personnalisée

Brigitte Masclaux

CEO of BB-Maquillage-Permanent

Les bilans utiles pour les séniors de tout âge avec beaucoup de considération. Il n’est jamais trop tard pour mieux vivre

Docteur Seniors

CEO of Santé Seniors Genève,


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